Cartoning solutions to meet today’s automation challenges

We offer innovative equipment designs that can boost production speeds up to 400 cartons per minute, intermittent and continuous motion, horizontal and vertical in the perfect combination of designs to meet your needs. We will evaluate your carton and product application to determine what load configuration will work best for you; end load, top load, hand load infeed, or hand load cartons are all possibilities. We also offer solutions for auto-carton setup, where product configuration requires manual handling.

When a standard solution does not fit the application we are prepared to offer a special design solution to meet your needs. Let us partner with you to determine the best options for your automation requirements.

CM500 - Continuous Motion Cartoner

High speed cartoning applications up 400 ppm.

CM750 - Continuous Motion Cartoner

High speed cartoning applications up to 300 ppm.

IM612 Automatic Cartoner

Intermittent Motion cartoning applications up 45 ppm.

Modular Vertical Cartoner

Vertical cartoning applications up to 50 cartons per minute for a variety of carton closure types.

Vertical Carton Erector

Vertical carton erecting applications up to 100 cartons per minute for an Auto-Bottom type carton.