Custom Application

Massman Automation has automated the packaging of storm doors, vinyl siding, fluorescent lamps, washers and dryers, and other large challenging packaging requests.

Massman Automation has been providing custom automated solutions for over 30 years to a wide variety of industries, using robotics, servos motors, pneumatics, and line shaft cam configurations. Let us help you with your unique and challenging packaging application.

40lb. Cheese Block Case Packer

Heavy-duty wraparound case packer with optional sleeve wrap.

Fluorescent Lamp Case Packing

Specialized machine capable of handling fluorescent lamps of various diameters and length and collecting the lamps into numerous pack patterns and placing the lamps into a wraparound case blank.

Lane Dividers

Stand alone systems to divide product into multiple lanes.

Soffit/Vinyl Siding Case Packer

Large specialized equipment capable of handling long products such as siding, soffit and facia material and placing it into shipping cases and then palletizing to cases for shipment.

Bag-in-a-box Case Packing

Massman Automation can provide you with a custom automation solution for your unique application.