Gantry Palletizer

The gantry palletizer is capable of picking multiple cases with vacuum or mechanical end-of-arm tooling (EOAT) and building the desired pallet pattern including the placement of base and layer sheets.

Massman Automation integrates servos for the X, Y, Z axes to place the layer pattern in any orientation to build the desired pallet pattern. Featuring ALBA pallet dispensers and pallet conveyors with many custom designed case and pallet handling systems. This small footprint palletizer is ideal for placement directly downstream of a Massman Automation case packer.


Massman Automation gantry palletizers are designed with safety, durability, productivity and efficiency as the top design criteria. The gantry palletizer is designed to your specifications. These heavy-duty machines are built to be dependable under multi-shift conditions. With Massman Automation’s in-house technical expertise in the design and programming of this equipment, you can be assured of years of efficient productivity and low-cost ownership.


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