Product Placers

Rotary and Reciprocating Placers and Custom Feeding Systems

Automated placement of products, whether its sheet stock, coupons or trays, product placers will offer significant payback in many ways. Significant ergonomic challenges are presented by hand-placement of many products, Massman offers solution to reduce labor and minimize exposure to the ergonomic issues. We will gladly offer an automated solution for multiple product assembly, i.e. tray, coupon and components. We have applications operating in combination with filling lines and vibratory or centrifugal feeder bowls to provide endless possibilities.

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Reciprocating Placer Model 4024

Low speed reciprocating product placing at speeds up to 60 ppm.

Rotary Placer Model 4023

High speed rotary product placing at speeds up to 400 ppm.

Timing Gate

An affordable, labor saving solution for product accumulating and machine loading challenges.