Massman Automation Designs, LLC integrates several different types of robots of various sizes to automate the product handling for a wide variety of industries.

Massman Automation uses robots to accomplish complicated articulating motion, high-speed flex-picking applications and continual heavy lifting applications, such as palletizing. A vision system is added where required.

Robotic Case Packer and Packing Equipment

Robotic Case Packer

Robotic case packing solutions provide a unique ability to handle challenging products and place them into an erected case.

Robotic Flex Pickers

Capable of high-speed pick and place applications where the use of vision is required to properly orientate the product into an erected case.

Robotic Palletizing

Robotic Palletizing

Providing customized robotic palletizing systems with the use of ABB, Fanuc and Motoman robots. Capable of handling multiple SKUs of product in production simultaneously.