Massman Tying Equipment

Massman acquires the packaging equipment division of Bedford Technology, LLC! 

With the recent acquisition of Bedford Technology, LLC's packaging equipment division, Massman Automation now offers a wide variety of tying equipment.
To learn more about the acquisition and Massman tying equipment contact:

Tin Tie Applicator

The 4500 Series Tin Tie Applicatior applies the tin tie to the bags with hot melt adhesive, single folds the bag tops and automatically bends the tie tabes around to hold the folded flaps

Automated Bag Closer

The 4100 Series Automated Bag Closer trims the bag tops, double creases for crisp consistent folds, applies the tin ties, double folds bag tops, and bend ties around fold

Bag Plow Down

The 6100 Series Bag Plow System plows down package tops and applies a label to hold the top in place

Double Fold Bag Closer

The 6500 Doube Fold Bag Closer is a robust machine designed for production line performance and would make an ideal choice for any automatic process line

Semi Automatic Tin Tie Applicators

The Semi Automatic Tin Tie Applicators place double wire tin ties on bag faces of filled bags

Ring Tyer

The Ring Tyer 325 can be used to bundle a varitey of products, including fresh produce and industrial products