We want to help you find the right end of line packaging solution for your product.

Dairy Industry

Massman Automation is a leader in providing “end-of-line” packaging equipment to the dairy industry. Providing the industry with small footprint, robust design equipment that will provide years of low-cost trouble-free service.

Massman Automation provides case packers that will run wraparound, harness, RSC cases and display trays. Massman machines package and palletize vacuum sealed cheese, tapered tubs of sour cream or cottage cheese, ice cream cups or bars, Elgin or Western butter, tubs of butter, and gable top milk container packaging.

Wrap Around Case Packer

Wrap Around Case Packer

Forms, loads and seals a flat case blank that securely holds product and may provide savings on corrugate.

Bottom Load Case Packer

Bottom Load Case Packer

Small footprint case packer capable of loading all types of product through the bottom of an RSC type case.

Robotic Case Packer and Packing Equipment

Robotic Case Packer

Robotic case packing solutions provide a unique ability to handle challenging products and place them into an erected case.

40lb. Cheese Block Case Packer

Heavy-duty wraparound case packer with optional sleeve wrap.

High Entry Palletizer

40lb cheese block palletizing system, robustly designed and built to withstand the weight of fully loaded pallets of cheese blocks.